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About Us

Here in the South East there was a real need for a Sports Dog club, with this in mind having predominately trained in Europe, we were extremely fortunate to have worked with some of the very best trainers, helpers and handlers in the sport and so a small group of us got together and decided to share the knowledge and skills that we had gained along the way, and so the White Cliffs was born.

A working dog needs to be as it's namesake describes, working. Anyone who trains and competes in the sport will tell you that their dog is at it's best when at work.

We believe that when you train using methods which capitalise on the dogs natural working drives your dog will not only be more confident and receptive to training but also a more fulfilled and happy dog all round.

We invite and encourage people of all levels of experience, our membership consists of a broad spectrum of age groups and we are constantly working to harness and develop our young members- the future of the sport.

On occasion we play host to other affiliated clubs and likewise arrange visits in return to them, similarly we sometimes track our dogs in areas away from our club grounds, as some of these days may fall on our club training day we would strongly advise that should you decide to visit you would be wise to contact us in advance so as to avoid disappointment.

If you share our enthusiasm and passion for working your dog and would like to be part of a motivated club then come and join us in our venture, you will always be made very welcome.